Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Men Pull Away After First Date With You?

Why Men Pull Away After First Date With You but move on with others in relationship?

It's a frustrating idea for many women, but you've seen it happen time and again. A man meets a woman, and they start dating. The relationship grows deeper fairly quickly until it culminates in the bedroom.

But just as everything seems to be going incredibly well, the man abruptly starts being distant as soon as the woman discusses getting into a deeper relationship. 

The relationship then dwindles into nothingness, leaving the woman feeling bitter and betrayed. Have you ever slept with a great man, only to watch him pull away once you start talking about deeper emotions? You may be tempted to think that all men simply have only one thing on their minds when it comes to dating.

Well, it's hardly that simple - the way men think can be just as complex as yours. The big differences lie in men's different approach to love and how they view it.

#1). Men are in the dating scene for the challenge. There's a reason why men are so fond of vigorous sports, violent movies, and fast-paced video games - they like the thrill of being faced with a challenge, of rising to the occasion, of overcoming the odds, and finally revel in the joy of victory.

It doesn't matter if the victory is lonesome or quiet or strange - the feeling of accomplishment reinforces the notion that he is, in fact, a winner.

So when it comes to dating, men are out to look for a challenge - they're looking to rock a woman's world. And at the same time, they want their women to be completely taken by their "manliness."

I know what you're thinking - if this is what men want after all, then why do they seem to not want it anymore once you've completely fallen for him, even to the point that you've consented to have sex with him?

#2). Men love the chase. When you start to show him that you're virtually all about him, it gives him the idea that he's already won you over. The victory is his. The challenge is over. The chase is finished.

So what's a man to do? He'll feel the need to find another challenge to pursue. And if you talk to him about committing to a more serious relationship, you're effectively asking him to give up looking for challenges - and that idea scares him to death. That is why men pull away after sleeping with you.Now here's the good news.

#3). My third point is that you can control him. Men love the chase because they like feeling the attraction to a woman. Just as he'd like to rock your world, he'd appreciate it just as much if you rocked his. That's what keeps men from pulling away - if he finds himself attracted to you, you can bet he'll stick around for much, much longer.

So how can you do this?To keep it simple, don't give yourself to him too quickly. By that, I mean don't sleep with him so early in the relationship. Use the time to make him feel attracted to you, because it's precisely this attraction that triggers his emotional desire to win you and be with you for a longer term.

If you can't make a man feel attracted to you, then no amount of talking, begging, or sex will change his mind.


I will talk to ya again soon. Keep on Dating!
There is someone out there for everyone. 
Best of luck in love and life!

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