Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The one I love may have fallen out off love with me

    This is an e-mail from a reader."I have been dating him for 7 months, we met through church friends, and he told me from the start god has changed his life, (and himself) that the old him was a horrid person. Before dating him I did not think soul mates existed but after falling for him I really do believe he is the one. And 1 month into the relationship he got called to work 4 hours away from this city, But despite it all he still drove 3 hours every weekend back here just to see me. Through it all he got really depressed and anxious working away from family, Then when he left this job early to come back to our city, he told me his old self was coming back brought on by the depression and anxiety."

"He has only just come back from this place 4 hours away. And things slowly started going downhill. I was starting to get depressed and he was starting to treat me less and less like he loves me. It was hurting, but I figured "hey he might just need some time to think" because he was just stressed before with me being depressed. But then over the phone I also brought up something else. That he is acting like he dose not love me. And then he told me that he has grown apart from me so there for he dose not know if he loves me anymore."

"He then mentioned how he told me his old self is coming back and that he has in the past just over night fallen out off love with previous girl friends. I Don't know what is wrong with him. Has he got a fear off commitment? is it the anxiety, and depression playing up on him? Because As I said to him over the phone you can leave now like all the others but how will you ever solve this problem? His relationships never last over a month especially in my case, our relationship lasted 6 mouths. He told me over the phone a few hours ago. That he feels cold and distant. numb tactfully."

"I really wanna know whats wrong with him. And if there is a way for us to fix this problem. I mean how does someone just fall out off love with someone after telling them they changed your life in a positive way, and that they mean the world to you."

Do you have some meaningful advice for this reader, please let me know by leaving your valuable comments here.

I will talk to ya again soon.
Keep on Dating!There is someone out there for everyone.
Best of luck in love and life!

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