Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are Men Really Intimidated By Strong Women?

If your relationships with men seem to get harder over time, instead of closer, and even though you love each other, you find you start turning against one another instead of towards.....

Then you need find out the truth about what will quickly stop this pattern of conflict and withdrawal and inspire your man to be a great partner to you again.

Are you the kind of woman who doesn't "need" a man, but you're clear that you're ready to have the right man and the right relationship in your life?

Well, have you thought about whether or not you know what it takes to make a relationship with a man not only work, but thrive?

My best tips and secrets about what goes on in a man's mind and what inspires a man to become an amazingly devoted lover and partner with you.

I want you to tell me if you've noticed this funny and annoying thing about men. Have you noticed that men seem to go for women who don't have their act together, and who are "needy" and looking for a man for all the wrong reasons?

Like lots of other women, do you find that men don't recognize or appreciate you and great women from all the other ones out there who don't have their lives together?

It's enough to make you think that men really don't want a strong, independent, self-sufficient woman - even though they seem to say that's what they want.

Or is it that men just have awful taste in women? What's going on here?

If you're like lots of women I've met and talked to, then you've got your act together, you've got a great life of your own, and you want to meet a man and fall in love again.

But it seems like the more you do to be strong and stand on your own two feet, the less men act comfortable or interested in a serious relationship with you.

Men seem to be intimidated by strong women. Well, let me start by saying this:

Be strong. A great man is in no way intimidated by a strong, successful, powerful woman.
In fact, a great man is completely and undeniably turned on and intensely attracted to a powerful, radiant, confident, beautiful woman.

Now, if only being strong and powerful in our relationships, while still being open and loving was this simple... And this is where I've found a huge "disconnect" happens for too many amazing women.

You want a great guy, you're doing all the things to have a great life, but for some reason the right man either doesn't show up, or he seems put off by the fact that you don't "need" him and have your own life.

If you can relate to any of this, I'm sure you're pretty frustrated with men and relationships. You know you're supposed to be happy without a man. But sometimes it seems like men both want and don't want you to need them.

Arggh! Here's something you should know - As strange and untrue as it might seem right now, the right man is not put off by you being independent and having your own life. Men do crave women who are strong, feminine and powerful.

Women like this are very sexy to men. So then why do so many men act like they are intimated or put off by strong women?

The short answer is... When it comes to attraction, love and relationships, lots of strong, independent women accidentally stop making the space in their lives to be soft and vulnerable with a man.

And this lack of vulnerability isn't a small thing. Not being comfortable with being vulnerable becomes the root of this disconnect that keeps strong women from connecting with men and enjoying amazing deep and lasting relationships.

Because without being emotionally vulnerable, a man will never be drawn into connecting with you through his feelings.

And if you as a woman don't make a man stop being his same old self who's empty inside, and help him start to feel something incredible inside when he's with you that he's never felt before, then he's just not going to believe that you're the one for him.

Think about it for a second - Could it be true that you've stopped being that soft, easy to get to know, lovable woman you know a man can't resist, and instead you've started "armoring" or protecting yourself?

Or maybe you've even gotten so far away from your own emotions and the place of love inside you that it's going to be hard for a man to see this inside you?

If you're nodding your head right now thinking, "Oh no, that's me", then don't be too concerned.

It can be easy and natural to reconnect to that soft, loving, feminine place inside you that is what drives a man wild about you in the first place - even if you're already in a relationship that feels like your love is fading.

It can be easy when you know what it takes to shift out of that old way of being with men, and of feeling closed-off in relationships. The very best way I know of to help you or any woman quickly get back to that loving place inside will not only make you feel great inside and open you up...

But will also instantly attract the right man to you, or quickly recapture that special man in your life's attention.

Don't waste your time trying to avoid getting hurt. Don't clutter your mind with thoughts of "what if" about how your man is feeling.
And don't keep spending your energy trying to make your relationships work, when you're putting all your energy in the wrong place.

To get back on track with being the strong yet open and lovable woman your man won't be able to keep his hands off of, you need to turn-around your approach to men in your relationship now.

Do you know what happens when you haven't felt love in a long time, and you doubt that a man could ever really be the kind of partner you want?

I'll tell you. Not good things. When you worry about:

Getting hurt again .Losing yourself again in a relationship .Being shut out and unappreciated by a man Guess what this creates in lots of really sweet and loving women?

It creates a tough outer shell. And what does this shell do? It keeps men at arm's distance, even when the man wants to be there to love and support you.

This shell also makes getting close to you painful and difficult, as when a man tries to get past your tough shell, he's going to get hurt trying to get through.

And it's going to feel uncomfortable for you trying to open up and let him in. This is not the way to let love into your life and create the kind of relationship that can last and grow forever.

It will never work for you. And it will never allow the right man to get close to you, and then feel that your relationship is the incredible experience of love and growth that you both need it to be to make your love last.

By the way, if you're with a man and you're afraid to open up and be more vulnerable with him...And you're having a tough time trusting him enough to truly let him in and know everything you are inside and out...

Your man is going to sense it. But most men at rate of (98%) won't know what's going on. They'll just know that it feels unusually hard and difficult to get close to you.

And they'll sense and see that whenever any "bump" or doubt comes up that you need to get through together, that you react in a way that pushes you both farther apart, instead of closer.

And ultimately, if you're with the right kind of man, he'll feel disappointed and drained by your relationship - instead of inspired.

You need to be loved and feel inspired by a man in a relationship, and it's also true that a man has to feel this way with you to be happy with you.

The question is... Are you bringing that open and loving woman to him in your relationship who is going to keep him inspired and giving of love even when he feels tired or withdrawn in his own mind?

Or are you closing off to him, pushing him away to try and protect yourself. and hoping that he'll see through it all and love you deeply enough to help you both get through it together.

Now that you're starting to see this more clearly, you have a choice. You can stay in the place that probably feels safe and comfortable of being tough and protecting yourself to make sure you don't get hurt again.

But you know where that road leads. Your other choice is to do what feels a lot less comfortable at first, but is going to give you what you really want from love and a relationship.

And that is to stop trying to protect yourself and let love in by letting your man get close to you to where you open up and depend on him emotionally.

This is the catch. So many strong women are so busy taking care of their own needs that they forget how important and necessary it is in love to allow others to be there for us, to where we can allow ourselves to need and want to receive from them.

How comfortable are you at being completely open and honest with your feelings with a man, and doing it in a way that makes it so that you could be hurt?

If you're not comfortable with this, and you've been keeping your feelings and your worries to yourself, then odds are you don't have much of anyone or anything to lean on or depend on for yourself.

In fact, it's probably you who everyone else leans and depends on. It's great to give, but it's time you learned to also receive.

Men feel an intense need and desire to give to the woman they love. And without this, most men will just never feel that connected to you. So you can either learn to open up and take the chance of letting a man be there, love you and give to you.

Or you can keep feeling drained by taking care of everything in your own life yourself, and caring for everyone else at the same time – while feeling like you don't get much back in return.

It's time to make a shift and break the pattern. and when you do, the man in your life will instantly notice and start giving and supporting you more.
I want to ask you to do something for me. I want you to get outside what you've been comfortable with till now as a woman when it comes to men and sharing what you feel, and what you want.

And I want you to take the chance of allowing a man to hear that you have needs and desires of your own that you want him to be the one to give to you, and share with him.

If you're ready to really learn how to share and start to receive more from men in relationships, it doesn't have to feel so scary.

In fact, even if you're in a relationship where you feel stuck in a rut and you're not getting much in the way of love or appreciation back from your man, making the shift to where your man can't help but want to give more love and support to you, and you are open to receiving it couldn't be easier.

All you have to do is to learn the important aspects for what the foundation base of a great relationship really is.

When you have this foundations in place, and you know the simple but powerful relationship skills that come along with them, getting what you want with a man and from your relationship is easy.

Your man makes it easy for you. On the other hand, when you don't have these required skills, and you don't have this foundation base in place in your relationship, then anything can come along and cast doubt and uncertainty on everything in your relationship.

It's time you got to enjoy what it feels like to have your needs met in a relationship.

And it's time you weren't the one to be looking out for everyone else's happiness, when meanwhile you don't feel fulfilled yourself.

As you know, for lots of us relationships are a lot of work. Get out of the cycle and the trap too many women are in of setting things up in your relationship to where it's tons of work and struggle just to try and connect with your man.

And instead start to find out what it's like when love and connection flows and grows stronger over time. I promise you I am going to show you the essential relationship skills that will have you getting what you want from your man, and build that solid relationships foundation base for you.

And if you're not 100% thrilled and ecstatic with the new relationship and love life you have after going through this blog post, then don't pay a thing.
I'm that confident that if you keep reading most of this blog post, can and will turn around your love life, even if you're in a relationship that feels stuck.

Stop trying to do it all yourself. Find out how to have a man ready, waiting, and excited to be the incredible partner you know you want and deserve in your love life.

And remember. It's your job to stay open to giving and receiving love. And it's also your job to get over the fear of what might go wrong, so when you're finally there in front of a great guy you don't mess things up for yourself because you don't know how to let him in into your heart and hold him there forever.

It's a man's job to meet you at this right place and take your love and relationship to the next level with you. If you're a strong, independent woman, then the irony is that it's often even harder for you to truly let down your guard and allow a man to get close to you.

Because you're used to taking care of yourself and doing everything on your own. It's time you made it easy for a man to love you again.

And it's time you allowed love to fill you and create the kind of connection with a man he'll never ever want to be without in his entire love life. If you've been finding that the more you want love, the more you seem to accidentally push good men away. then you need to follow my blog post to turn around your relationship for the sake of your life and love.

And let me know how things change for you. I'll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love. Keep on Dating There is someone out there for everyone!

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