Saturday, April 4, 2009

Did You Know Why Politicians Cheat On Their Wives

When a cheating politician like “X” makes the headlines, everyone asks: Why would a successful politician like “X” jeopardize his marriage and his career by cheating on his wife?
Politicians cheat on their wives or have extramarital affairs for a variety of reasons. The reasons are almost as varied as the cheating politicians themselves. The following are the most common reasons why politicians, public figures, and other prominent, or rich and powerful men cheat on their wives.

1#. A Sense of Entitlement

Politicians and public figures feel a certain sense of entitlement. They often feel that they can do whatever they want with impunity, and that includes having extramarital affairs. Since they consider themselves to be above the law, they feel they are exempt from the rules that apply to the rest of society.

2#. The Thrill of the Chase

Many cheaters actually thrive on all the excitement associated with having an affair. They get the kind of adrenaline rush from cheating on their mates that they’d get from participating in skydiving or other high risk sports. Cheating politicians are no different. They get a charge from the subterfuge – all the sneaking, lying scheming and other covert activities involved in keeping an extramarital affair hidden from public view.

3#. Ego-Embellishment

Politicians and public figures also cheat for a variety of ego-embellishment reasons. Having an extramarital affair can bolster a cheating politician’s ego in two ways. It can boost a flagging ego, or it can feed the already inflated ego that many politicians have. They mentally congratulate themselves for being so clever, so cunning, so intellectually superior that they’ve outwitted everyone around them by hiding what they’re doing behind closed doors.

4#. Infidelity as a Status Symbol

Many politicians and public figures view having a mistress or patronizing a high-priced call girl or prostitute as a status symbol of some kind. To many rich and powerful men, or other men in high places, the ability to afford a call girl of a certain caliber is the ultimate mark of success.

5#. The Excitement of Engaging in the Forbidden

Just like ordinary men, sometimes cheating politicians engage in infidelity or extramarital affairs solely for the excitement of getting away with doing something that’s forbidden. They revel in the thought that they’re smart enough to elude detection by pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

6#. The Knowledge that They Can Get Away With It

The main reason many politicians cheat on their wives and have extramarital affairs is because they are confident that they can get away with it. And countless numbers of them do. If they thought for one minute that they might get caught, most of them would never even take such a chance.

What Can the Wife of a Cheating Politician Do?

Every politician’s wife should familiarize herself with the subtle signs of infidelity, because no matter how carefully a cheating politician tries to cover his tracks, there will always be telltale signs. Since most of the signs of infidelity are subtle, knowing what to look for is the key.

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