Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why Some Women Are Just Unlucky In Love Life?

Now… I’d like to ask you another question… and I’m asking that you be totally honest with me here…

When you are alone and thinking about the pain and frustrations you’ve experienced in life and in love… what do you attribute to be the cause of it all?

Do you ever feel that you might have just been “unlucky” in love? And maybe it’s just that your “time” has yet to come?

And… have you ever thought that when that time does come… and if you could just meet the right man for you… that all of your problems, fears, and disappointments would simply go away?

Maybe you see your life as a puzzle… and your perfect man as the missing piece that will finally “complete” you…

And deep down, you feel that if you could just find that missing piece… or when it finds you… that everything will finally come together and fit perfectly… and all of your troubles would simply fade away…Sound familiar?

I think we’ve all felt this way at one time or another. It’s nice and comforting to think that one day we will all meet the love of our lives and live happily ever after.
In fact… this fairytale has been burned into our minds since we were all very young…

And because of this… many of us never stop to think that this belief of our prince showing up and “taking us away” from all of our troubles could be just that… a fairytale that may never come true.

The truth is that the thought of being “unlucky” is a dangerous one… because it allows to you overlook what is probably the real source of the problem…
Think about this for a second…

What if the feelings and problems you are experiencing in life and in love are not a result of you being “unlucky” and not finding the right man for you… but the very reasons why you have yet to find him? Have you ever thought that this could be the case?

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