Friday, February 20, 2009

How To Find The Love You Want Faster

My first guest in this article is an amazing woman who has not only been a personal friend of mine for years, but is someone I also admire in the way she lives her life.

She’s taught me a ton about relationships and how to be happy myself, and how to translate that into a deep connection and attraction with a partner.What she’s taught me has been priceless over the years in my own life.

She’s also helped thousands of other men and women become more successful in their personal lives through her personal coaching. Having written books, spoken at seminars around the country and taught for years, she’s one of the only experts I’ve ever found on the subject of becoming what she calls “Effortlessly Attractive”.

In other words, doing more of the things that come easy, naturally and don’t take work in your life, but that bring huge results in your personal relationships and your love life, just by changing a few simple habits.

Here are a few examples of exactly what you’ll get from her portion of the program:
You're in a relationship, but there's something nagging inside that's telling you that things either have to change, or you’ll have to move on. My friend discusses exactly what to do about this to avoid feeling like your life is passing you by and create the change you need
How to find a new level of honesty and confidence for yourself with a man that will let you “live your truth” - in a way that a man will accept and understand
How to find the guy who actually fits you, and not the other way around. Listen in as my friend shares her real life story about how things magically shifted for her once she did this one thing with in her life with men.

How to actually create and experience the commonly spoken about, but rarely practiced, ability of being present in the moment and learn how to effortlessly get a man to as well. This simple and powerful step can transform the quality of your love life immediately .
The secret a woman must know to align the priorities in her life, including what she wants in her love life, which will naturally focus her energy and “effortlessly” align a man with her.

Why so many women feel like they'll “arrive” when they find that right situation or person in their life, how this becomes counterproductive to getting close to the man they’re with, and the simple steps to take that will change everything about how close he wants to be to you.

The “thinking problem” lots of women have that draws their awareness into creating negative and destructive situations with men and relationships… and how to identify these thoughts and get rid of them, for good.

A secret to communication and listening that will change a man's entire perception of you as a woman and a long term partner.

The biggest thing that got in my friend’s way personally with men, and how it kept her from ever connecting with the right guy for her .Once she changed this one thing, great men literally started to present themselves to her everywhere she went.


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