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How To Tell If A Guy Is The Type Of Quality Man You Are Looking For?

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Many a times we do spend a lot of time online wasting our energy and money.This is as result of us not taking our time to check whether the man we are charting online with is the “right catch” or not. And at the end we find he was not either.

This happens because many of us we don’t know “HOW to tell is a man is the type of quality that we are looking for or after”. Now I am going to share with you some of my working tip on E-love.
The first key to finding love online is knowing how to identify WHICH of the hundreds of men you will come across are the quality guys… and which one of these quality guys is the right guy for you.

This breaks down into very important steps…

a). Figure Out If He Is “ Mr. Right”

To meet the right man in the “real world”, you have to go out often, talk to lots of men, and hope to meet just one guy who doesn’t turn out to be a jerk, weirdo or a player… and then think on your toes in the moment to attract him.

Online dating is the opposite.

It “freezes time” and slows the process down… so you have as much time as you need to find out exactly WHO you are talking to… what he’s all about… and whether or not he is the type of guy you are looking for.

Out of the thousands of men who have profiles on dating sites and social networks, only about 1 in 100 is what you would call “quality”.

But the biggest problem is that all of them are pretending to be Mr. Right!

When a guy is filling out his profile, it’s very easy and tempting for him to add an inch or 2 to his height, drop a few pounds off his waist, and add a few dollars to his income.

It’s up to YOU to figure out whether you are talking to one of the “pretenders”… or to a guy who doesn’t feel the need to pretend.

Fortunately, there are some very obvious and easy-to-spot “warning signs” that – along with a few specific questions you can ask – will allow you to find out if you are talking to a dud or stud within minutes of looking at his profile… or within just one or two email exchanges.

If you’re serious about meeting Mr. Right quickly, it’s crucial that you learn what these warning signs and questions are… so you don’t waste a single minute of the time you could be spending talking to the right man for you.

If you don’t learn how to spot the warning signs in a man… and the true signs of the right man… you’ll end up wasting a TON of time corresponding with men who will turn out to be everything but what you are looking for.

Very few men going to flat out tell you that they don’t have their act together, are carrying major “baggage”, or that they’re just looking for a quick fling… so you have to know how to pick the winners.

b). Spot Profile Compatibility Before Going Further
In order to avoid wasting your time talking to a guy who isn’t right for you, it’s crucial that you find out where he is at and if he is looking for the same type of relationship you are from the start… so you know when to take something seriously, and when to move on.

As I’m sure you know by now… we men aren’t very vocal when it comes to sharing our feelings and what we want.

In fact, a lot of the time we haven’t even thought too much about what we’re looking for in terms of a relationship. We’re just going along with what feels right and taking it from there.

Which means… a great guy who is looking for a woman to settle down with is highly unlikely to mention that he’s looking for a “committed relationship” in his profile. It’s very rare to see a guy saying things like, “I want to find my soul mate”, or “I am looking to settle down”.

There are some reasons for this:

i ). A man worries that if he puts these things in his profile he will look desperate and needy

ii). Many men just plain don’t talk that way

iii). Many men just plain don’t know what they want until they find and experience it

Fortunately, there are subtle clues a guy gives when he is looking for something more serious and substantial that are sort of like a man’s version of, “I want to settle down”… and it’s important that you know what they are, and how to spot them.

Not all of the men you come across online will be looking for the same things you are. Some might just be looking for a fling or something more “casual”… and yes, some may already be in a relationship and are looking to stray.

I want to show you how to tell if a man you are interested in is looking for the same thing you are without any guesswork… and with 100% accuracy.

c). Build Attraction And Take Things To The “Real World” First

Have you or someone you know ever talked to a man online and gotten really excited about meeting him in person… only to discover that when you did meet he was a little bit “off”… or perhaps even totally different than he described?

The beauty of meeting men online is that if you know what to look for and the right questions to ask, you can literally find out more about a man in 5 minutes of your time than most women find out in weeks, months, or even YEARS of dating.

But it’s often hard to spot whether or not you will have that “chemistry” when you finally do meet in person.

I don’t need to tell you that wasting time talking to someone who ends up awkward in person, or is not your physical type, really stinks
Fortunately, there are some great tactics you can use to get a better idea of what someone is going to be like when you meet… and whether or not you will “feel it”.

But the fact of the matter is that no matter how good you get at “reading” a profile or knowing what questions to ask a man, chemistry is chemistry.

There are people you will like over email and phone that you just won’t feel it with in person. It’s part of the game.

So how do you handle this and make it work in your favor, instead of having it be a danger and a liability for you in “dating” online?

The best way to handle this is to first learn how to SCREEN men up front to make sure they are a fit and have the qualities you are looking for… and then to learn how to get the interest of the right man so he’s wanting to meet up with you and be open and honest with you right away.

That way you can avoid wasting your time emailing or chatting on the phone with a guy who isn’t going to work out.

If you minimize the time you spend with a man before you meet, and you can get to the truth early on… you will be less likely to end up on “bad dates” and get frustrated over something that was never meant to be in the first place.

Remember, the web is a place to meet men and screen them before you meet them in person. And it’s important to do both quickly in order to have the highest chance of success.

The best part is, doing this online can be as easy as simply writing something once that will both screen the wrong men and attract the right man at the same time… and do all this for you in your profile while you’re not even online.

You could be out enjoying your life while the right man for you is finding out about you and learning about you online. Start applying this techniques now and you will find a big change in your love-life.
Thanks Keep Dating there is someone out there for Every One.

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