Friday, April 3, 2009

Best Ways To Break Off An Affair

Most people at some point of time have been in relationship when they meet someone who looks like they would be "better" partner. However, marriage includes the expectation of primariness: the assurance of both partners to keeping each other the most important person in their life. Usually couples agree that primariness will include the expectation in which partners promise to have sexual relations with each other only.

Rather than being upset when you see someone who looks more appropriate to you, it is typically a sign that you need to pay more attention to your current relationship. As well, it is likely you or your partner is at a change phase in your relationship. For example, a new job, birth of a child, children launched, or return to school. Affairs are most likely to happen only during these phases in a couple's life cycle.

Sometimes, married couples may fall out of love and grow to dislike one another more than they care to admit. Nevertheless, for a variety of reasons (money, kids, religious beliefs, etc), they remain husband and wife in theory. These types of marriages may certainly lead one or both spouses to seek the comfort of another adult and cheat on one another.

In a troubled relationship, the lure of seeking solace in another often becomes tempting. Simple friendships or working arrangements with the opposite sex can easily turn into a full-blown affair. Despite a spouses attempt to prevent this type of relationship from becoming an extramarital affair, they may find their feelings too powerful to deny and thus give in to their desires to be with this new person. If you are involved in an affair and can’t seem to break it off, the following are a few tips to help you break free.

According to an affair poll of over 500 women conducted by, over 30% of women engaged in an affair said that the affair lasted more than a year, with approximately 25% saying their affair lasted less than 6 months.

To gather statistics on affairs is really a difficult task. The results generally varies due to the type of group being studied, the reporting method, and because we know people are lying, even when the research is anonymous. The percentage of those who say they had affairs ranges from 25% to 75% of all males and 15% to 60% of all women.

Here are some of the best ways to break off an affair

• Keep it short. Don’t go into in-depth details about why the affair can’t continue. The simpler and cleaner the break-up is, the better.
• Tell them in person and in public area where a scene is less likely to take place.
• Make it final. Don’t allow your affair partner to think there will be a chance of getting back together.
• Be kind. You want to move past this so you can work on your existing relationship or move on.

Breaking off an affair can be just as difficult as breaking up a marriage depending on if there are emotions involved and how long it has gone on. However, having an affair is never fair to the partner left in the dark. If you have any doubts on breaking off your affair, simply remember the golden rule, “due unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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