Saturday, February 7, 2009

How To Stop Feeling Cursed While Living Without Love?

Hey Guys

Do you ever get that feeling that finding a fulfilling and lasting relationship with a man
seems like it's nearly impossible? Have you ever caught yourself thinking of all
the reasons that love won't work out in your life... instead of finding all the reasons it can
and will?
Do you ever wonder if there even is a man out there who is capable of not only seeing you for who you really are...
But who is also able to truly love you for all that you are?
If so, then you're not alone. My experience over the last several years
has led me to meet tons women who are incredibly smart, beautiful, and loving...
But who all make one tragic mistake- They let their mind get in the way of the
love that they want to give and receive in their heart.
If you've ever caught yourself feeling like it's safer to not meet a man, not open up, and
to not date to love... then you know what I'm talking about.
If you know in your heart that you want nothing more than to have that deep kind of intimate love in your life again...
But you know that one of the biggest struggles you're facing is simply getting past the fear
and resistance you have in your mind...
Let me ask you... What if you came across that amazing man who
you knew could be the kind of lover, friend, and companion that would last forever...
But you let negative thoughts and patterns from your past get in the way?
Wouldn't you just kick yourself?
You've tried being the amazing woman you are. You've tried to give "dating" a chance to help you connect with that right man.
And you've told yourself that you would open your heart again for love... even though the
possibility of getting hurt again scares you more than you would care to admit...
But love still isn't flowing and surrounding you in your life. Why is that, and how can that be? It doesn't seem fair.
There's something I believe in strongly that I want you to hear-
When we are truly open to recognizing, giving,
and receiving love... something incredible happens- Love surrounds us.
I want you to feel what it's like to be surrounded by love both in a deeply connected relationship with a great man... and in all your relationships.
But I need your help. It's time you did the best thing you can do
when you've tried your best but you're still not getting what you want-
And that's to discover how other women like you have turned their love lives around.
The good news is, it's a whole lot easier than it might sound.
It starts with creating a small and simple "shift" inside yourself.
And it's this one small shift that radiates out like a ripple on the water to start having a dramatic effect on everything else.

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