Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still Single? Meet A Good Man In Seconds...

If you're ready to make a fresh
start this year and finally learn the secret to
triggering powerful attraction in a man...

And if you're ready to have a man beg you for your
time and attention, because he's so intrigued and
attracted to you that he wants to be around you
and only you.
I want to share some fascinating insights with
you about why it might seem so impossible to meet
a good guy and find a new relationship.

First, I'd like to ask you-

Are you still single even though it seems to
you like you've been dating forever?

Do you almost feel embarrassed about how long
you've been single, or how many bad dates,
unavailable men and dead-end relationships you've
been through in the last few months or years but
you still haven't found a decent guy who will
stick around?

Maybe you're starting to feel wiped out by this
whole "dating thing."

After all, another year has gone by, and not
much has changed in your love life.

Sure, you've dated a few guys, or maybe you've
even been in a "serious" relationship.

But things haven't worked out.

It's the same story.

If you're into them, they're not into you.

And whenever things felt promising and hopeful,
something unexpected happened that ruined things.

He got busy, you moved away, he went back to
his ex, or you discovered a real "deal-breaker"
about him.

You're starting to wonder if things just aren't
going to work out for you when it comes to love,
and you'll just end up perpetually single.

And sure -

You keep telling yourself it's not so bad.

There are so many other great things you have
going for you in your life, like your career or
your friends and family.

But deep down, you don't want to be single
forever, do you?

You worry about it more often than you want to

But at the same time, it's almost as if you've
become pickier and more jaded each time you go out
on a date with a man.

Sure, he's attractive and "nice." But will he
call again? It's almost like you keep waiting for
the other shoe to drop, and this is when things
actually feel good! Ugh.

You didn't used to feel this way.

You're starting to not only lose hope, but
you're losing motivation.

Bad sign.

But now a new year is about to begin, and the
beauty is that you can make a fresh start.

Starting today.

It's never too late for a fresh start in your

You deserve to have love in your life.

It's time you stopped being starved of love.

So in the spirit of a fresh start, let me ask
you a quick question.

What would you rather do at this point?

Would you rather:

A) Keep telling yourself that there's no good men
out there, and keep going along hoping a great guy
will just show up out of the blue one day and all
your love life problems will disappear - and RISK
possibly staying single forever if this never


B) Continue working hard, but change nothing about
how you've been meeting and interacting with men,
because you think it's just a matter of time
before you "click" with someone - and again, risk
staying single for a long, long time?


C) Learn a new way to interact with a man in the
first 2 minutes of meeting him that will create
the kind of great impression and powerful
attraction that could be the start of a great
relationship... and then keep on creating that
attraction with every word you say and every
minute you spend with him?

Which one would you rather do?

If you pick A or B, you can stop reading. I
don't want us to waste each other's time here.


If you picked C, then I've got great news.

You're about to get 2 quick and easy tips on
exactly what to do and say to a man in the first
2 minutes of meeting that will increase your
chances like 200% for making a powerfully good

So let me set up the scenario.

Let's say you're at a party or at business
networking get-together or something.

You're there by yourself, and you're wondering
if you'll meet a man.

There are a lot of single men there, and you're
standing around trying to see which ones look
attractive to you, while at the same time trying
hard not to stare.

And then it happens.

Someone accidentally runs into you and you
almost spill your drink.

You turn around, and as he apologizes, you
realize he's just about the most attractive man
you've seen all night.

You smile, he smiles, and suddenly you get that
"deer in the headlights" feeling as he grasps your
elbow and apologizes again and starts to walk

But he's still looking at you, and smiling.

this is the moment too many women blow it.

This is when you want to say or do something
to get his attention, but your brain freezes and
you can't think of anything to say. So you end up
saying nothing.

Or worse.

You say something completely goofy and feel
embarrassed the second it comes out of you mouth.

Well... what if you had an easy and fun way to
make sure you got a chance to connect with that
man and create that spark of attraction inside him
when you wanted to?

What could you say or do in this moment that
would be sure to-

-Flirt with a man in a simple light way, without
feeling pushy to him?

-Get his interest, and let him know you're

-Avoid coming off as boring and predictible like
other women great men meet and talk to?

Great questions.

Know the answer?

Don't worry, I've got the answers for you.
Join me next time for more.
Keep on dating there is someone out there for you.

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