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Do You Know The RIGHT WAY To Meet A Man And Get Things Started?

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Do You Know The RIGHT WAY To Meet A Man And Get Things Started? Or Are You Struggling To Get The Attention And Interest Of A Man You've Already Met?
If You Don't Know What To Do In The First Few Minutes Of Meeting A Man For Him To Take An Interest In You, Ask You Out, And Want To Be With You For The Right Reasons... Then You Need To Keep Reading And Discover How

Can you tell me... why in the world would a great woman not have a great man who wants to be with her?

It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Over the last few years of helping women to better understand men and have more successful relationships, I can’t tell you how many times this question has come up...

And I’m constantly amazed by how many inc readable women meet who are unnecessary sitting at home alone.

But now... finally... I am pleased to tell you that after years of seeing how so many incredible women are unable to find great men who love them for who they really are, at long last I have an answer.

I’m very excited about what I’ve discovered, and I can’t wait to share my answer with you for 3 reasons:

a). I’ve discovered that there is just one dangerous yet easy to fix mistake that is single-handedly responsible for why most great women do NOT have a great man in their life.

b). Nearly EVERY woman I’ve shared this with has told me that hearing this was the one thing that really made everything come together for them... and that this information allowed them to take their love lives to a level of happiness and excitement HIGHER than they ever thought possible...

c). If YOU are frustrated with men and dating and the way your love life is now, I am 100% certain that what I am about to tell you will not only change the way you think about men and dating forever. but give you the POWER to change your current situation faster and more effectively than anything else you could possibly do, period.

  1. Now, I can’t wait to share the answer I’ve found with you and let you put it to work in your own life...But let me first give you a quick "primer" on how and where this answer came to me... and why it allowed me to see what’s going on for most women with men and dating so clearly...

One thing I’ve been paying more attention to in my life lately is how we as people can heal.

For me, thinking about all this was prompted by some recent health concerns of my own that have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

To make a long story short... a while ago I started thinking about how in more of our "Western Medicine", the focus of the treatment you receive is often about alleviating the symptoms you’re experiencing.

And while this helps you feel better in the short term by clearing your immediate problems... the long term effects aren’t too long-lasting.

On the other hand... more of the "Eastern" approach to health and healing places a focus on the body as an entire system that’s "interconnected". And from this perspective SYMPTOMS aren’t a focus of concern in the healing process. Instead, a focus is put on identifying and treating the underlaying cause of the symptoms.

As I sat and thought about this, it started to become clear to me how this whole approach to medicine and to healing not only related to my life... but I started to see some profound truths that related to what most women experience with men, love, dating, and relationships...

Suddenly everything became crystal clear to me about what was going on at a deeper level - most women are spending their precious time and energy focusing on trying to fix all signs in their love life... which of course is leading them nowhere, and keeping them from finding and "healing" the root cause of it all.

The more I thought about this, the more I started to see a fascinating process happening for most of the single women around me... and a new reality came into clear view.

My Own Personal “Awakening”... And How It Can Transform your Relationship

I want you to go ahead and read through the following list of "symptoms" below... and I want you to see if any of these are CONSISTENT recurrences in your love life. (Note: If any of them are, then I have some very good news for you which I’ll tell you in a minute)

a): Choosing The wrong Men... Over And Over And Over

Do you find yourself meeting and maybe even falling for the same type of WRONG men for you, over and over?

Maybe you even got a gut feeling when you meet a guy that he will end up treating you badly... but you find yourself going for him anyways?

Or... do you find yourself having lots of short relationships that seem like they could work out... but then end up going nowhere?

It’s not uncommon for a woman to get stuck in a "cycle" of dating the wrong types of men for her over and over and over... and THIS MISTAKE is the main reason why.

What is uncommon is for that woman to BREAK that cycle... but doing this is a "must" if she ever wants to meet the RIGHT man and develop a relationship that will last.

b): Finding That Men Fail To Recognize That You’re a great catch

Have you ever met a guy that seemed like he was perfect for you... but he just didn’t seem to feel the same way about you?

Maybe you’ve had an experience in which a guy you really liked suddenly lost interest in you after several dates, or even after being intimate with you... and you could never understand why.

In these situations I’ve found that all the "specifics" of your story, and the little things said and done aren’t nearly as significant as this basic fact:

The man you were with just didn’t see you as the kind of SPECIAL woman he should get serious with.

If you want to capture a man’s heart, it’s critical that he doesn’t see you as "just another girl".

If he thinks of you as just another girl, a man will subtly start thinking that he could be happier or better off being single... or "playing the field".

Or he might even end up choosing a "lesser woman" than you to be with who doesn’t have all the amazing qualities of a "real woman" that you have. But he still sees her as that special woman anyhow, and not you.

c): Finding That The “Dating Stage” Isn’t Fun Or Enjoyable

Do you get frustrated with the whole "dating" process and wish you could just SKIP IT and be in a loving, caring relationship without all of the "hassle" and uncertainty?

We all would love to jump right into a deep, connected relationship with someone we care about... but unfortunately this doesn’t really work in the real world.

If you don’t lay down a strong foundation a man during the early stages, and find and talk about all the things you both need to know about each other BEFORE things take off... then the relationship you build with him will rest on a weak and uncertain foundation.

And it’s then that what you have between you and a man is guaranteed to become unstable and fall apart once a little conflict, trouble or tension comes along.

d): Finding That Men See You As “Needy” Or “Clingy”... Even When You’re Not

Have you ever had a guy pull away because you came off as “needy” or “clingy”... even though that is NOT who you really are at all?

What’s really sad is that when a man feels this way about a woman, he almost NEVER tells her... so she gets stuck wondering what went wrong, but never discovers his REAL reason for pulling away.

It’s terribly frustrating for most women who have their life together when they know that they weren’t really being “needy” - it was just the way that the man PERCEIVED things.

But the damage is done...

e): Finding That It Never Works Out With The One You REALLY Like

It happens to the best of us. When we really like someone, we tend to act a little bit differently...

Sometimes this causes women to put on a front without even trying... or to try a little too hard, or love a little too intensely... which can get in the way of a guy seeing the REAL YOU.

Other times it can cause you to come on a little too strong... and lead a man to MISTAKE your signs of love, interest, and desire to be with him for INSECURITY.

Not good.

Why These Problems And Frustrations Will KEEP ON Occurring
In Your Love Life...
And How To Easily Address Them All...

What I’ve done here is listed just a few of the main problems women experience over and over again in their love lives.

The truth is, each one of these problems all have something in common:

Every one of these problems is a SYMPTOM that is caused by a MUCH BIGGER problem.

And if that one problem or root cause is addressed, then all of these “symptoms” will instantly disappear.

Yes, you read that right.

If you eliminate the one BIG problem, you will quickly find that:

#The man you feel is a great partner for you, will see YOU as his equal... and as the quality woman he’s been waiting for.

#The early stages with a man will become fun and exciting for you AND for him... and it will pave the way for a loving, lasting relationship... instead of blow ups, surprises, arguments, and frustration.

#Your man will LOOK FORWARD to spending time with you, and thinks about you when you’re not around.

#You’ll be able to capture the heart of a man who is not only "up to your standards", but EXACTLY what you want and who you deserve

  1. I’m guessing this sounds like a lot more fun than what you might have experienced in the past with a man, right?

But on the other hand, if you keep on making this mistake of not identifying and addressing this one problem, you will find that:

  • You’ll keep choosing all the wrong men

  • You’ll have an impossible time identifying the right men, even when he’s right in front of you

  • A man will quickly lose interest in you, even after several dates or being intimate with you

  • A man will see you as "needy", even if you’re not

  • Your efforts to talk and connect with a man will only seem to turn him off more and keep him from ever wanting a real relationship with you

  • You will feel that men have all of the power in your relationships, and you have none

  • A man will often make you feel emotionally uncertain or "out of control", and you won’t be able to help yourself

  • A man won’t see you as "relationship material" and not want anything more than to casually date you

I think you can see just how dangerous not finding and addressing this problem for yourself really is.

So now let’s talk about WHAT this problem actually is... and how to eliminate it...
I'll talk to you again soon, and best of luck
in Life and Love.

Your Friend,


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