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Did You Know That...Every Man Wants This From A Woman...

Dear friend,
Well,let me start by asking you this simple question.
Are you single and wondering how
come it seems so easy to find any man to go out
with for a date or two...and even more?

But very impossible to find a man to connect with on a
deeper level for something more lasting and
meaningful in your life?
However,If you're like lots of women I've talked to and
helped over the years, then you've found that once
that initial infatuation shifts into something more
"touching"... men often shut down and withdraw back to
their lonely isolated lives.Have you ever asked yourself WHY?
And,Why is it that even smart men think that they'd be
better off alone and separate than if they shared
their life and love with a wonderful woman in their love life? Now,Don't keep meeting men and sharing yourself with
them, only to have things fizzle out when it's not
so "NEW" anymore the way they may seem to look.
Let me tell you here that,There's one thing that women accidentally do when
they're in that casual and uncertain dating stage of their love life
that triggers this "STEPPING AWAY" inside of a
man's mind.
Well you may say that, it's up to a man to keep himself from
stepping away... but if you don't want to keep
running the risk of triggering this in the man
you're with, then it's best to avoid this
issue altogether once and for all in you relationship.
If you're tired of going on more "dates", only
to be less and less satisfied with your love life,
and you'd like to know how to attract and hold the right
man for a great relationship from the very
beginning... then I'd like to show you how you should go about it;
2). What this all too common failures women make is
and how to go about avoid it in your relationship

ii). How you can meet the "Mr Right" and get the
conversation started that will lead you to the ever-
lasting love life
3). what will have your man quickly recognize you
as the only one he'll want to love,like and grow close
with to the wedding arena
The solutions for all this and more are her with me
and i am going to share them with you in oder to improve your love life in dating men.
If you don't know how to both meet "Mr right"
and attract him for more than just fun... and you
keep repeating the same patterns of failed
situations with men you thought would go somewhere
better, then you need to move close to these.
Are you having an easy time creating the kind
of connection with a man that turns a few typical
"dates" into the beginning of an amazing and hot
Are you finding it more difficult than you
think it should be to find a great man and go from
him just feeling "unattractive" about dating you to
wanting and needing you on both a physical and
emotional level?
If so, then I'm going to show you 4 things
that are "must-haves" to win the right man's
These are also the things that men don't talk
about but that drive men wild when they recognize
them and experience them in you.
If you learn these and put them to use in your
love life, the right man is sure to see you as that
unique and special woman he just has to have in
his life forever.
Ready to discover these?
Great, let's get started.
Here are some things that every good man wants in
a woman.
But before we get started, I want to clear the
air on something important.
There are Real Men... and then there are men
who do not have their act together.
Real Men are mature and grounded on a physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual level.
They might not have everything they want in
their life... but they are on a great path and
open to growing on a deeply personal level.
The opposite of a Real Man is a Boy or Lad as you may call him.
A Boy will become uncomfortable when he gets
too close to his own emotions, or too close to a
woman who truly sees him inside and out, for better
and worse.
A Man knows who he is and will listen, learn
and communicate even when he sees or senses that
the woman in his life is unhappy or disapproving
of something about him or his actions.
The things that will make a Real Man appreciate
and admire a woman are often things that a "lesser"
man would be annoyed, frustrated, or put off by.
Now that we're clear on that, things should
be a whole lot clearer here with what will draw a
real man to you and make him want more.
To simplify things here, I'm going to share
some things that a man wants in a woman by
showing you how Real Men think about each one.
And by also showing you how Boys think about
them as well.
Here we go...
1) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Playful but not "a player"
There's something that drives men wild and
invites them into a deeper level of "connection"
and bonding with a woman faster than plain old
talk about feelings and experiences.
And that something is play.
See... men love to be active and to play.
Men were raised to express themselves and
connect with those around them through action.
Unfortunately, too many women seem to forget
this and want to talk,talk,talk way into
a man's soul and heart.
The strange reality is that as you're getting
to know a man... more talk will often get you
less response or no response at all from a man on an emotional level.
No doubt that, talking is great to get the facts, and
for you to share some things such as your traits
and what you like or dislike in a relationship.
But the fact is that men don't "fell it" or get connected for
you because of what you say. Just like you don't
meet a man and feel it for him because he has a
great attraction effects.
It's not the words... it's the experience that matters.
And for men, the easiest and most straightforward
way for a man to engage in his emotions with you
is by doing things with him that don't require
talking, but allow you to be playful with him but not "a player".
"Doing things" is pretty vague... so I'll give
you a couple examples of PLAYFUL activity you can
do with a man that are sure to dial up the emotional
intensity, and have him grow more ATTACHED to you:
-Sports: Not all men love sports or are great at
them, and you might not like them either, but
that's not the point here.
The point here is to play a sport with a man
because it involves aspects of a "game". You
against him competing.
Any sport will do. Ping pong is an easy favorite
because no one is really "good"... and you can
have all kinds of playful banter hitting the ball
back and forth.
Pool is another good one since it's easy to find
when you're out together- plus you can tease him
him by placing your gorgeous self in front of
where he's aiming and distract him so he misses
his shot.
Then, when you're shooting, ask him to come over
and help you so he puts his arms around you. Nice!
What man wouldn't love that invitation.
Then if you miss, blame it on him in a fun
sarcastic way.
Bottom line, if a man is being active and engaging
in a playful game with you while there is also some
kind of touching involved... it's a magic
combination that's sure to raise the attraction
level up several notches.
$Teasing: For men, teasing is a universal way of
bonding and communicating that is like an unspoken
language that all men speak.
Every man I know at one time or another has told
me a story about at least one exciting and
attractive woman they once met.
Almost all of these stories involve one common
theme- the women they were with started TEASING
Teasing is easier than you might think. The one
catch is to do it all with a sense of humor and
fun... and don't get too serious.
The best way to tease a man playfully is to be
SARCASTIC with him.
If he asks "Do you have the time?" and you
have a watch on...
Look at him straight in the eyes and say "Yes",
smile, and then turn away from him without telling
him the time and stop paying attention to him
He'll realize that you're being funny and
see that he only asked you is you KNEW the time,
not to tell him.
Then he'll either ask you directly what the time
is, or he'll start immediately being playful back
at you.
And away you go playing together.
This kind of thing is subtle, but builds a
growing level of attraction inside a man for you.
Again, what's not important is the words you're
What's important is that you're intentionally
either misleading him with your words to mess
with him, or you're playfully making fun of him.
Some women feel uncomfortable with teasing or
making fun of a man. But for men, it's again
another way they connect socially.
The funny part is, the more you can tease a man
and have him laughing and wanting you to be
serious for a minute... the more he's going to
be wanting to get close to you and know you better.
It's funny how men and human nature works.
Try it. You'll love how a man responds!
For easy and powerful tips on how to have the
man in your life quickly feeling that INTENSE
GUT-LEVEL ATTRACTION that will tell him you're
the only woman for him... go here and check out
my "Natural & Lasting Attraction" program here:

2) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Independent
If you want a short-cut to how and why a
woman being "Independent" will change the way your
man thinks about and acts with you for the better,
and will have him ASKING YOU FOR MORE.
There's something funny that goes on for some
women because of their experiences in relationships
with the wrong men.
Lots of women mistakenly believe that men are
looking for a "weaker" woman who will make them
feel like they are stronger, smarter, more
powerful, etc.
Nothing could be farther from the truth when
it comes to a good man. (the kind of man you can
actually have a great relationship with)
Real men who have their own lives, who aren't
looking to a woman to validate their lives and
their significance don't want a woman who they
can "overpower" so that they feel better about
Real men want a woman who INSPIRES them because
she has great things going on her own life.
Real men want a woman who MOTIVATES them because
she is thinking and doing great things, and her
energy and attitude is contagious.
Real men want a woman who has her own PURPOSE
that inspires her and gives her fulfillment and a
reason for living and breathing other than
being in a relationship.
Here's the catch...
A lot of women who ARE busy, successful,
inspiring, and who have their own purpose seem to
all have a common complaint-
That men are INTIMIDATED by them and their
success, and that they have their own lives.
This is NOT why men aren't responding well to
them when it comes to more than just a "fling".
The reality is, Real Men don't mind if a woman
has a great career, or if she makes more money
than he does.
What DOES MATTER is that the woman still has
SPACE IN HER LIFE for a great relationship, and
that she isn't OVERWHELMED by her work and her
career to the detriment of a potential relationship.
Of course, the same goes for a man.
If a man is CONSUMED by his work, feels
burnt out all the time, and doesn't leave space
or energy for a woman or a real close and intimate
relationship... then he's not going to do well at
keeping a great woman around who knows what she
wants and deserves. (A man who's loving and PRESENT)
Bottom line, it's HARD to be grounded and
PRESENT with your partner when you have 438 million
things going on... and you're feeling stressed.
Is your stress level getting in the way of
you simply unwinding and being FULLY PRESENT
when you're with a man?
Or worse...
Are you carrying so much stress and worry and
"masculine energy" with you that you're not even
in touch with your own SENSUALITY and SEXUALITY?
What unfortunately happens for a lot of busy
energetic and highly functioning women is that
they get burned out and STOP simply feeling like
the WOMAN that they are.

A Real Man can love and appreciate a woman
who has a great career and life of her own, and
the independence that comes from that makes a
woman even MORE DESIRABLE to a Real Man.
Whereas a Boy is threatened by a woman doing
too much of her own thing.
When a Real Man sees you doing your own thing
and focused on your own life, he will WANT YOU
EVEN MORE and do things to get your attention and
create intimate situations between you.
But if you've tuned out from your own sensuality
and you're stressed and anxious because you feel
like you have to do so much for yourself... then you
often aren't in that place where a man will feel
INSPIRED by you and DRAWN TO YOU on a physical and
emotional level.
To find out what the secret is to getting your
own life together as a woman, and living in a way
that a man will naturally fall for and be DRAWN
TO YOU because of from the inside out... I've
put together an entire program for all this "inner"
There's a place that's IN BETWEEN too "needy"
and too INDEPENDENT that men find irresistible
in a woman.
Funny thing, this place also happens to be
the state of mind where you as a woman are at
your happiest and most fulfilled inside.
Do you find yourself either:
a) Acting a little too "needy" to where you can
tell it rubs a man the wrong way?
b) Acting a bit too "fiercely independent" to
where you don't even want to let a man in or
RECEIVE what he wants to give you?
If so, then it's going to be tough for a man
to both feel deeply CONNECTED to you, and for him
to feel intensely ATTRACTED to you.
If you realize that breaking out of your past
relationship patterns isn't just about finding
another man to be with... but about CHANGING
from within yourself, the you need to read this
right away:

c) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is "Emotionally
Mature and attractive"
A single, successful, attractive man who has
lots of OPTIONS has seen a lot of different things
from women in his life.
He's seen how women flirt.
He's seen his share of how things can go wrong
with women in relationships.
He's seen women throw themselves at him.
He's seen how women bring beauty and wisdom into
his life in a way he couldn't have seen on his own.
And he's also seen women act incredibly needy
and unsettled, to where they lose it completely on
an emotional level and fall apart right in front
of him.
The question is...
Knowing what you know about how some other
women can be...
What do you think are the biggest WARNING SIGNS
a man has learned to look for in a woman?
And what do you think might be the biggest
INDICATOR of a healthy and happy woman?
I'll give you a second to think about it.
… …
Now, knowing how most men think, and hearing
over my lifetime how men talk about women and
relationships, and where most of the
misunderstandings come from... I'll give you a
Both the "red flags" and the greatest positive
indicators have to do with the same thing in
men's minds.
Do you know what it is?
I'll tell you-
It's a woman's EMOTIONS.
The way a woman feels, reacts to, and
communicates her own feelings and emotions is
the greatest "Make or Break" place in a man's
If a man feels attracted to a woman, enjoys
being with her, and they're spending a lot of
amazing time together... eventually there'sgoing to be a situation that comes up where you
and a man will see something differently and
misunderstand each other.
There might also be a time where a man does
something that hurts your feelings, or shows that
he isn't thinking about you and your feelings.
How will you respond to this?
And how will you share your feelings?
Will you share with him in a way that will
inspire and encourage him to open up to the fact
that he might have done something wrong?
Or will you share in a way that he'll receive
as BLAME or CRITICISM? (both of which will
encourage a man to either feel ANGRY or WITHDRAW)
The difference in these 2 choices of how you
as a woman respond has everything to do with how
YOU deal with and handle the EMOTIONS you have
inside yourself.
Do you have the patience and maturity to take
the time to get in touch with your own feelings
as you're feeling them, and communicate from a place
of positive intention?
Or do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions,
to where THEY CONTROL YOU... and you do and say
things that aren't coming from a place of love
or positive intention... but from a place of your
own hurt ego?
You as a woman are NOT supposed to be more like
a man, and seek to "detach" from your emotions as
you feel them.
Your feelings are a gift that brings richness
to your life and experience.
But how do you SHARE your feelings with the man
in your life?
Whether you recognize it right now, the thing
Real Men want most from the woman they're with
is to see them simply happy and smiling because
of who he is and the good things he does.
Knowing this, what do you think happens when a
Real Man who would want more than anything for you
to feel happy, loved, and delighted by him and his
ACTIONS with you hears that something he might not
have even known would upset you made you feel
That's right. He'll feel frustrated as well,
and often take it personally.
He'll feel like he can't do things right with
you, even though he tries.
This isn't a great feeling for a man to feel
in his relationship- and it can eventually drive
a man to STOP LISTENING or TRYING if a woman gets
upset by him for too many things he can't
If you want a man to know that your relationship
is something he wants to last and keep going,
then he should feel like it's EASY to know how to:
1) Make you happy
2) NOT upset you accidentally to the point where
you lose your cool emotionally and he feels like
you "turn on him"
A woman who has the maturity to not BLAME or
CRITICIZE a man for what she's feeling, but to
share her feelings in an honest and authentic way
that helps a man BETTER UNDERSTAND HER... will have
a man who is more open than she could imagine a
man being with her.
How does the man in your life think about you
and how you share your more "difficult" feelings?
Does he know and trust that you love him, and
that where you communicate from is a place of
LOVE and positive intention?
Or does he RECEIVE what you say and feel like
you are BLAMING for him being "wrong" or for being
thoughtless or uncaring?
A man, even a great listener who loves you and
is patient... will have a tough time remaining open
and caring when he feels "attacked" by your hurt
But don't worry, creating the kind of loving
and nurturing exchanges and moments you want in
your relationship isn't as hard as it sounds.
3) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Makes Him Feel
Intense attraction for her love
Men know, as well as women do, that it's
EASY to find someone who makes you WILD with
desire at first...
And hard to find someone who makes you feel
this way loooooooong into your relationship.
Here's something you might not know about
Men aren't as scared of COMMITMENT and
RELATIONSHIPS as they are scared of being in a
relationship with a woman where there is no
Have you ever had a situation with a man where
the passion or the attraction seemed to fizzle out,
but you didn't know what to do about it?
Do you know how to start off conversations
with a man and build the ATTRACTION that a man
is feeling to the level at which he'll be BEGGING
YOU for more time and attention?
STRONG inside your relationship, and what makes a
man stay intensely attracted to a woman well into
the relationship and past the "honeymoon stage"?
A common way women accidentally KILL the
ATTRACTION men might be feeling is by either
TRYING TOO HARD to get him to like you, or by
acting like the relationship is too serious too
Here's a tip as a single woman...
When dating, a great way to do create attraction
with a man is instead of trying to get so serious
by talking about what he does for a living, where
he grew up, etc. (even though these can be
important things)...
Make sure you do and say things that interject
FUN and HUMOR into your relationship from the very
There's nothing more appealing to a man than a
great woman who knows how to relax and have fun.
And the universal way that men relax, have fun
and BOND is through playful TEASING.
Flirting almost always involves some form of
humor and sarcasm- as in instead of answering a
man directly when he asks you what you do for a
living... you look at him and think of the most
ridiculous thing you could imagine getting him
to believe and say that instead.
It's not that WHAT you say starts off an
amazing chain of events that leads down the road
to building a deep level of attraction.
It's the fact that instead of being so caught
up in your mind, you're joking, having fun, and
inviting a man into playfulness with you.
Men instantly understand what's going on when
there's a connection with a woman and she starts
being playful this way- and respond by opening up
and becoming more engaged and attached with you
on an EMOTIONAL level without even knowing it.
Of course, the fun and playfulness of being
UNPREDICTABLE holds true when you're in a
relationship as well.
Most couples get very used to each other, and
how their partner will act and respond day in and
day out.
Part of this is a natural progression to a
relationship that provides a healthy level of
And if you can be the woman who also mixes
this with fun, exciting and playful UNPREDICTABLE
things... suddenly a man doesn't know quite what
to expect.
Suddenly he's reminded that he hasn't quite
seen everything that there is to you.
And suddenly you're having fun teasing him and
engaging in a playful back-and-forth that has the
PASSION and ATTRACTION level rising all the while.
Of course, if you don't do this with a genuinely
playful attitude and a little flirtatious smile
on your face... it won't go over the same way,
and he'll be wondering what's wrong with you.
For all my very best secrets on how to create
a deep level of ATTRACTION that will make a man
literally stop in his tracks and wonder how in the
world he ended up wanting to be so close to a woman
and love and appreciate her... you need to go and
check out my "Natural & Lasting Attraction" program
right now.
Discover some amazing tips to put to use
in your love life right now, and start enjoying
the incredible feeling of KNOWING that the man
you're with is WILD about you because he can't
stop telling you and showing you since he feels
so deeply connected and ATTRACTED to you.
I'll talk to you again soon, Keep on dating
there is some one out there for every one.
Best of luck.
Your Friend,


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